Journey of a girl.

… with love

Vilain et Gentil.


Every year in New York during the holidays, many small local businesses come together and set up shop. I’ve always gone to Union Square, but this year I decided to take a walk around Bryant Park since I also enjoy the ice skating rink. Being surrounded by Holidays crazed shoppers, the smell of good food and desserts and joyful children is my type of party.
20131231-120657.jpg20131231-120724.jpg20131231-120730.jpgThis time of the year also equals cold weather, so long coats and scarves have become my partners in crime. As someone who loves to walk around but enjoys a little height, short boots have also worked their way into my wardrobe. Short women always want to add a little bit to what they got, lol. My bun also helps me elongate myself. It’s always funny when people walk up to me and say “ohh, you’ve grown.” Talk about illusions.20131231-120812.jpg20131231-120819.jpg20131231-120739.jpg

Outfit Details. Long Coat: Thrifted / Never Again Crewneck: Urban Outfitters / Boyfriend Jeans: BDG /Short Boots: Steve Madden / Bag: Cant remember, lol. / Fendi Scarf: Consignment Shop.

I love my short boots because they are rubber so I can wear them all of the time and not worry about them getting damaged in the snow! That’s a win in my book.

20131231-120746.jpg20131231-120755.jpg20131231-120803.jpgYou can just hear the love, joy and happiness while at Bryant Park. Everyone is just in such a good mood, shopping with their loved ones and ice skating. I enjoyed a strawberry nutella crepe and watched the people enjoy the rink. Some fell, some didn’t but above all the spirits of every person was high. Don’t you just love the holidays?!


Of all the shops, I gravitated to this holiday shop filled with art and paintings by Naughty and Nice. As soon as I walked in Immediately got into my “interior design” mode. I saw a vision and a place for almost every piece in the shop. “I see this in a hallway. This goes in a kitchen. OOOOH! I would put this in a child’s room.” I was in heaven really.

20131231-120843.jpg20131231-120850.jpg20131231-120859.jpg20131231-120907.jpg20131231-120924.jpg20131231-120827.jpgThe art is of course for sell online on Etsy and you can also follow Naught and Nice on their tumblr!


Peace and Elleohvee,



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