Journey of a girl.

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Elle Qui Aime, Elle Qui Lit.

20140106-164409.jpgA few things that I can’t without? Journals, books, pens, and planners. Those 4 simple things really keep me in check and my life in order. Books above all things, are probably what I love the most. I’m always in the mood to learn something and as a writer who will write their own book one day, pages inked with black words are extremely therapeutic.

20140106-164503.jpg20140106-164457.jpgA few good reads! 🙂

Then Alchemist – Paulo Cohelo

The 4 and 5 Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

The Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz

The Voice of Knowledge – Don Miguel Ruiz

Awakening the Buddhist Heart – Lama Surya Das

Letters to a Young Sister – Hill Harper

Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

The Measure of  A Man – Sidney Poitier

Love and Law – Ernest Holmes

and the book I’m reading now

The Gift of Imperfections – Brene Brown

20140106-164450.jpg20140106-164401.jpg20140106-164443.jpgOutfit Details: Blazer: Rugby / Creme Vest: American Apparel / White Button Down: Uniqlo / White Chino Pants: Uniqlo / Wingtip Oxfords: Cole Haan.

20140106-164423.jpg20140106-164429.jpg20140106-164437.jpgYesterday I watched a film titled “Miss Representation” and I do believe that it should be viewed by everyone. It’s the continuum of a conversation that needs to be had between women and men alike who are sensitive to the objectification of women in the media, how we are portrayed, women upholding positions of power and being viewed as equals, and the negative effects objectification has on the minds and bodies of adolescent to adult women.  I myself suffered from issues of self esteem growing up for multiple reasons and just like many other women those esteem issues followed us wherever we went. We couldn’t hide from them and they resurfaced whenever someone hit that spot. Until we are honest about the insecurities we have we’re held hostage and often frustrated by the way we are made to feel. You have to stand strong and reclaim your power. Unlearning all of the old habits that made me feel less than was an everyday job, though these days it is light work. I tell my friends like I tell myself, no one can make you feel bad about yourself unless you allow them to. I’ve also had many of my friends write down all of the things that make them beautiful just as  a reminder to themselves. We’re not always going to have someone to pat us on the back to remind us that we’re beautiful, talented, unique, intelligent and so on and so forth, so we have to remind ourselves. Encouraging music also works wonders. Start each day with a song that makes you feel good and set the tone for a beautiful day. and beyond that just doing more of the things that you love, running, writing, dancing, singing, painting etc, the things that you can take pride in also boosts self esteem and confidence tremendously. We also have to be accountable for our actions, attitudes and ways that take us away from our true nature. It’s the only way to see positive change within ourselves.

In the media we see an image of perfection that seems to be the blueprint that every women needs to abide by and it’s a crippling. Women are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be exactly who we are and to not feel pressured on a daily basis to change or put down because we’re not like the rest of the group.  It is counterproductive when men say they want partners but treat the women they are with as puppets. Women as much as men deserve to have a voice and be heard. The way women look on the outside has little to do with what’s happening inside her mind. When we face the issues at hand, which are real, changes in how women are viewed will be different. But we all have to be equally accountable when it comes to how we speak about women and the words that are used to describe us. We all know the words that dehumanize women and the first step to eliminating bad habits is to remove all that is harmful. One of best thing we can do is to be of use to others and in order to be of proper use to each other there has to be a foundation of respect.


Peace and Elleohvee,



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