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Fun in Florida.

Over the past weekend my family and I took a trip to Florida to support my younger brother Shaquille as he played in the East West Shrine Game. My family together is always a good time and it’s even more enjoyable these days since we’ve welcomed new life, my niece Samantha. Might I add how big of a hit she was the entire weekend! No one, I mean no one could keep their hands off of her nor did they fail to remind her just how beautiful she was. My lil mama is so spoiled I can only imagine how crazy she’s going to be as she gets older. and I mean the good, interesting, funky kind of crazy.

IMG_2424IMG_2422She couldn’t get enough of those pineapples. Every restaurant we chose to dine in Sammie Lou had her hands or mouth on just about everything. I guess those are the joys of being a toddler.

IMG_2300Don’t you see? Lol Forever Happy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMy mom is probably one of the funniest people I know.  Yes, yes… other than myself. Even though we don’t always agree on things, I’m very much so a little version of her. The entire weekend she kept me laughing while updating me on life in LA that I’m missing since I’m away in New York. Los Angeles is still as crazy as I left it, indefinitely. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe weather wasn’t as hot as I wished it to be, but I wasn’t one to complain. It was much better than NY. This day I was dressed in a black coat from H& M, stripped loose-fitting top that I’m sure I thrifted, salmon pants from J. Crew and floral short boots from Steve Madden. I’ve actually always been against Steve Madden shoes since they’ve always been extremely uncomfortable, but I got kinda lucky with these. People were looking at my family obviously knowing that we weren’t from around those parts of town, simply by the way we were dressed. That’s always comical.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m3 presetPool time with my lady loves was so fun! Thank goodness for the heated pools or by no means was I or my sister n’ law jumping in that water. She couldn’t keep herself out of the bar and I wasn’t turning down any drinks. We made friends with just about everyone laying out that day since they were so into my corky behavior, my mothers laughs and confusion on how to work an iphone and my niece who as you know by now is one of the greatest lol. Sammie absolutely loved putting her tiny little feet in the hot tub. Honestly, that little girl likes everything.

IMG_2412That evening we attended the East West Shrine banquet and I swear banquet food is always a struggle. Since I was one of the only few people at the event who didn’t eat meat, my meal of course came from the vegetarian menu. and OMG lol if they wanted to keep me healthy they sure didn’t do a very good job overly cooking everything, IN SALT. After the banquet was complete I made my way to the Waffle House, for the 2nd time. I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t been to a waffle house since I moved away from Louisiana a few years ago so I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible and yes I did!

IMG_2336Beautiful! IMG_2444The morning of the game we were at odds on what to do with my nieces hair. My mother had a field day when I was younger putting unnecessary pony tails in my hair and she of course wanted to do the same thing to my niece. My mom always calls my the free spirit of the bunch because I’m so different in comparison to everyone else. I was arguing to just let me baby’s hair run free… but they weren’t trying to hear me. Had my baby looking like one of those Who is Whooville animals with three pony tails, I couldn’t deal. As soon as we arrived at the game I took all of her pony tails out and left her with the little bow at the top. She felt better and everyone was happy.. hence the smiles on those two faces. Can’t really say a smile from my mom though who looks extremely mischievous which she is. I posted this photo via Twitter and it eventually made it to the jumbotron in the stadium. That was pretty awesome!

IMG_2477The few days that I spent with my family was amazing and each day with every sunrise I was extremely happy to be there and share those moments with them. We all of course had to go our separate ways. My brother staying in Florida to continue his NFL training, my mom back to LA, sister n’ law and niece back to Arizona and I headed back to New York. Even though I’m far from my family they live in my heart. So the distance never eliminates or dims the amount of love that I have for each and every one of them. I am excited to reconvene with my family again for Sammie’s first birthday. My mom and sister are so fancy so I can only imagine how extravagant her party will be. You should have seen the baby shower. *rolls eyes* lol

“You don’t choose your family, They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu.

Peace and Elleohvee,



4 comments on “Fun in Florida.

  1. ammamama

    Beautiful family. Your niece is such a cutie!

    • kneehighsandlove

      Thank you!! 🙂 she hit 7 months yesterday and is already trying to walk.

  2. Tara Hughee

    I’ve been living in FL for 8 years (I’m from NY too) and people still look at me and think I’m not from around here lol.

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