Journey of a girl.

… with love


As of lately I’ve been going through a multitude of mental and spiritual changes which resulted in a small hiatus. It was in that small break that I began to reevaluate my purpose and passions, figuring out which way I wanted to go, why I wanted to go  there, and what did I want my end results to be. It was in the event of going through life’s many high and lows, using my pen as a tool for freedom, and having multiple enlightening conversations with family, friends and associates that I realized how my words have had an impact on more people than I was aware of.  Helping others while helping myself has always given me the most joy. Being able to be a voice for others, a place of refuge, and an ear when someone was in need of one, I saw that I was already walking in my life’s mission even though it didn’t feel as if I was. It was interesting how many times I told someone not to beat up on themselves when they felt like things weren’t going as they should, all the while not taking my own simple advice. Being full of optimism and joy is possible, but that still doesn’t stop life from happening. It’s never what happens to us that molds the ways in which we walk, but how we are able to rise in triumph and grow stronger each and every time we choose to continue our evolutionary process. Carry your own weight gracefully.

_MG_1209_MG_1186_MG_1173This day I took a journey around Harlem to soak up the energy of the sun and to just enjoy being out. When people on the east coast hear 40+ and sunshine there is no staying in the house and being a hermit, we’ve been able to hibernate all winter long. The vibes that I receive on a daily while being engulfed in this city is some times rigorous but on this beautiful Saturday I didn’t feel that particular sense of urgency. The good energy that the weather brought to New York had everyone in an extraordinary mood. I came in contact with so many cheerful faces followed by exciting and absolutely hilarious conversations. I’ve chosen to delve more into my community in hopes of coming into contact with healthy and happy hearts willing to share their experiences with me and everyone else.  I do believe that each person holds healing powers in their journey that can uplift and inspire someone whose personality, lifestyle, interest or expressions resembles that of your own or someone close to you.  Communities in conjunction is admirable and if we are disintegrated in any way there are ways to get us all reconnected.  Shinning a positive light on the souls of New York and beyond can give us a greater understanding of our neighbors and create more peaceful and loving communities.  We all make tones of lifestyle choices on a daily and I’m interested in knowing what those are and how they’ve helped you or your family become the people that you are today.  Express Love, freely.

_MG_1438 (2)I met an awesome older gentlemen while walking up Malcomn X Blvd. I honestly can’t remember his name, but I remember his 30-year-old bike and our talk about Al Sharpton. Me wanting a bike of my own, I was amazed that he had his bike for so long and that it was in such great condition. Maybe I was captivated by the vintage look of the bike or amused by the fact that at no point in our conversation did he take his hands off of it. No I don’t believe he hand an inkling that I wanted to take off and run away with it, instead he gave off a deep sense of pride expressed with a cheerful smile. The most memorable thing of all was his teeth and genuine attitude.  He lived in Harlem for many years and didn’t shy away from talking about it and giving compliments and cheerful words in between. _MG_1385_MG_1417_MG_1346

While journeying around I was dressed in a pair of boyfriend jeans and pink Oxford that I love. I’ve always been a fan of oversized jeans but when they finally gave them a fashion term and placed them on multiple shelves I was elated. The comfort that I’m afforded in boyfriend jeans is probably the reason I own multiple pairs, nonetheless they also give me the look that I’m looking for on any particular day and freedom.

Jacket: American Apparel // Long Sleeve v-neck Sweater: H&M // Floral Button Down: Thrifted // Bofriend Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Oxfords: Cole Haan

_MG_1456I’m looking forward to sharing all of my findings, faces, and stories with you all. I will be keeping my handy dandy handwoven silk journal with me at all times just in case something good comes my way.


Love doesn’t need to be perfect, It just needs to be true.

I am Shana Bea.


5 comments on “

  1. @theMisskitab

    Love the article!

    I have this jacket in navy! One of my faves. So comfy ❤

    • kneehighsandlove

      It’s extremely comfy!! I have it in pink too! haha and thank you so much love. xx

  2. Earth Angel

    Glad I found your blog….. yes high vibration people are everywhere…keep your full life expressions going…making a difference one heart at a time! Heart to heart robyn

    • kneehighsandlove

      I deeply appreciate your love. Thank you so much! Blessings xx

      • Earth Angel

        So glad I have connected to your spirit!! Heart to Heart Robyn

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