Journey of a girl.

… with love

Bea Whole.

I catch myself thinking about many differnet things simultaneously, but for the past week or so I’ve come to realize just how many women are “waiting for their King” and how many men are waiting for the woman of their dreams to just show up and knock on their door. As you’re waiting for your King or Queen, the constant question running through my  mind is, what are you doing in preparation for his/her arrival?

“Oh I can cook, I can clean, I know how to separate my darks from whites.. I’m ready!” lol No ma’am and no sir you probably are not. You can be domestic, that’s cute for you.. but being a good woman, partner, friend, sister, mother, daughter, man, etc. goes far beyond that.  Can you provide emotional comfort? mental stability? Are you slow to anger? If the stillness that you are taught to practice during Yoga goes out of the window when you get into a disagreement or things don’t go your way, you have more work to do, on you. I mention Yoga and am going to now mention meditation because they are common practices that aid in self improvement in many of our lives individually, which is great. As we learn to naviagate and understand ourselves we too have to learn how to coexist effortley and efficiently in our relationships with other men and women. What I’m saying is, you shouldn’t be waiting for someone to come along and complete you, you are already complete.

Be whole, so when you recieve what it is that you seek you can provide the type of care, loyalty, dedication and stability that you yourself long for. It’s the same idea as not asking for what you’re not prepared for, which you can apply to just about any life situation. When you acquire what you want how will you sustain it? When you get that job, career, home or car.. how are you going to maintain it? You should wish to be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically so that when you finally obtain, you’re able to enjoy it all to its greatest potential. Consider all of these questions that I’ve placed in front of you and come up with your own answers.

There are levels, fundamentals and principles to just about everything, and one of the many keys to understanding life and people is to first understand yourself. What you will and will not allow, what you stand for, what principles fuel your fire, and so on and so forth. Get to know you better, take your time and have patience in your pursuits, enjoy the ride and allow the universe to supply you with what you want/need.

“The challenge is not to be perfect, but to be whole.” – John Fonda


2 comments on “Bea Whole.

  1. ki

    This post is so true! I’m currently working on myself and becoming a better me and the song is everything : )

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