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#BeaHealthy: Pineapple Fruit Bowl

Healthy eating is one of the few lifestyle changes that aids in self improvement physically and mentally, but for whatever reason some people believe that eating healthy is pricey. This common misconception keeps many people from making necessary changes in their lives and I’m here to tell you that investing in fruits and vegetables no matter what they price, is better than spending your money on anything that can potentially harm your body.Food is and should always be fun and enjoyable. Fruits and all of its natural sweetness, is one of the best parties for your body. Eating good, feeling well and radiating love and light is the motive.

Being somewhat of a new vegetarian transitioning into veganism, now that I’ve decided to finally cut out dairy, my grocery shopping process is lighter. Always knowing what I want to eat and furthermore, where I want to shop.  Get acquainted with the people who work in your local grocery store, market or dining locations to enhance your experience overall. Depending on the places you visit often, the luxuries that you will acquire will vary. It’s not uncommon once you become loyal customer to enjoy faster and more efficient service, enjoyable personalities, extra goodies, again depending on your location and a healthy relationship with a piece of your community. Most, if not all businesses want to build a relationship with their customers, so choose to reap the benefits. From personal experience even though Trader Joes can sometimes be difficult to navigate due to high customer volume, the associates are always there to answer questions and assist you, which can alleviate any issues that may arise during the shopping experience. In a relationship between you and your local businesses and also on a personal level, consistency and loyalty is essential to living a healthy more fruitful life. It is important that we not only connect with the local business in our communities, but the people in it and also sustain the environment by bringing less harm to it and making it easier to navigate. This generates more “We” conversations instead of those that begin with an “I.” Yes, I’m speaking of Socially responsibility and it is a community effort.

In attempt to make my own personal experience with my fruits and vegetables more enjoyable, learning new ways to cut and serve has in essence brought me a lot of joy. It’s fun presenting a fruit bowl to your friends and family and them not only being happy to eat healthy, but also taking pleasure in the look of it.

YF1A9599Pineapple Fruit Bowl


1. Whole Pineapple

2. Strawberries

3. Bananas

4. Honey Crisps Apples

5. Granny Smith Apples

6. Mangos

YF1A9595This fruit bowl can be the perfect addition to your morning meal or afternoon snack, it’s all up to you. It’s quick and easy and when you’re done you can enjoy all the wonderful flavors.YF1A9574YF1A9611

Enjoy and #BeaHealthy

Peace and Elleohvee,



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